Yoga Park Potrait


Born in Australia, but an avid and curious traveller on the inner and outer planes, I have been travelling throughout Europe and Asia since 2000. It was at the very beginning of this period that I was introduced to the healing arts of yoga, meditation, meditative dance, and meditative sound.

Having always had a strong interest in Eastern Philosophy, and a heart and mind that often contemplated the larger questions of life – meeting yoga and meditation as practices, and also teachers that embodied the great teachings of love behind these practices, was life changing and deeply inspiring. I had found what I had always been searching for. Time to get to work!

Practicing and unfolding now for over 18 years, life has also generously allowed me to teach and share with others for the last 12 years. I have had the great fortune to meet and train with many great teachers around the globe. Special mention must go to Dominica Seragano, Gabrielle Roth, Donna Farhi, TKB & Kausthub Desikachar, Bonnie Bainbridge, Patrul Rinpoche, Gina Sala, Carlos Guerra, Joseph & Lilian Le Page, Catherine Pawasarat.  And last but not least, my meditation root teacher (guru) Achariya Doug Duncan. Through his wisdom and guidance my understanding of the ‘wisdom teachings’ has reached depths previously unimaginable. And it is with deep gratitude to him, and all my teachers, students, and friends-on-the-path, that I continue to learn, grow, and share.