“Let the beauty of what we love be what we do.” ― Rumi

Would you like to calm your mind? Create more balance in your life?  Develop better focus and concentration? Become more aware of your habits and patterns? Develop more compassion and kindness for your self and others?

Meditation most definitely changed my life and it is a practice I highly recommend and love to share with anyone who has interest. I lead introduction & intermediate meditation classes & retreats.  (My retreats are often combined with a movement meditation practice). Please contact me directly for information and reservations.

I have been a meditator since meeting the practice over 17 years ago, and besides my daily practice have participated in in-depth bi-annual meditation retreats for the last 16 years.  Through my yoga training I have studied and practiced many non-sectarian, and also Hindu based yogic meditations. I also moved to Japan because I was interested in Zen Buddhism. However my main focus and training over the last 15 years on a meditative transformative level has been with my embodied movement practices and also with my main meditation teacher Archariya Doug Duncan. This training is a dynamic modern approach rooted in the Tibetan Buddhist Karma Kagyu Lineage, that works with both samatha and vipassana meditation, as well as, direct personal and philosophical instruction from the teacher. Under my teacher Archariya Doug Duncan I received lay ordination in the Namgyal Rinpoche lineage in 2004.