Any change into a new state of being 

is the result of the fullness of Nature

unfolding inherent potential.

- The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Come and join me for some Healing Hatha yoga classes. I teach a meditative, creative fluid form of yoga inspired by the breath, grounded in alignment and integral supportive movement patterns. I seek to connect the practitioner to their own innate knowledge of heart, mind, and body, and create an environment that is nurturing, uplifting and inspiring.

 Studying and practicing in the Krishnamarichariya lineages in my early days (Iyengar and Ashtanga) I later completed my Shivananda training in an Ashram in India. I have also completed my Advanced Yoga Teacher Training with Donna Farhi. This Body Mind Centering approach had a profound impact on my yoga practice and teaching style. I am currently continuing my BMC studies and have completed my Advanced Professional Yoga Therapy Certification with Integrated Yoga Therapy.

I teach group classes, and also give private classes and yoga therapy consultations with personalized programs. Please contact me directly for reservations & inquiries regarding private or public classes.