Yoga & Meditation for the Autumn Season– Course at Impact Hub Kyoto

Autumn 3

Welcome to Impact Hub Kyoto for Morning Yoga & Meditation for the Autumn Season, starting from September 24th. In this course we will learn about how to harmonise with the season through Yoga & Ayurveda, as well as dive deeper in our practices of yoga and meditation. A beautiful way to start the day.
Date and Time
9/24, , 9/29, 10/6, 10/13 Tuesdays: 7am〜8:30am
¥ 10,000 for 4 lessons ¥ 3,000 for each lesson
* HUB members can get 20% off discount


Morning Yoga & Meditation Summer Course @ Hub Kyoto

Heart Mind Body Health for Summer season

Through the ancient healing arts of yoga, meditation and ayurveda we can reconnect to our natural state of balance and harmony. Remembering that we are not separate but an integral part of all life that surrounds us, we can learn to tune in to what we need in each moment for optimal mind and body health.
Benefits of “Morning Yoga & Meditation
* Relaxes your mind and body, develops calm and concentration.
* Reduces stiffness in the body, increases metabolism and blood flow.
* Supports and balances all the systems of the body, including the circulatory, digestive and nervous systems.
* Develops mind and body awareness, and the ability to tune into what is needed to create a natural, healthy state.
* Awakens the mind and body at a deep cellular level.

Date and Time
6/23, 6/30, 7/7, 714 Tuesdays: 7am〜8:30am
¥ 10,000 for 4 lessons ¥ 3,000 for each lesson

Chakra Yoga Classes in Osaka

chakra yoga jap flyer-3chakra yoga eng flyer
Chakra Yoga Classes in Osaka at Spirit Yoga Studio are still continuing every Thursday night from 7 pm and every Saturday afternoon from 4:30 pm. They are also available in Kyoto classes on request. Studying the Chakras in depth and working with them through the body, mind and heart is an invaluable process, that can truly help us and our lives change and transform in beautiful ways.

A Yoga Therapy Course for Women’s Health and Wellbeing

Women’s Yoga Therapy Course
Yoga, Women’s Bodies and Women’s Wisdom

In this course you will acquire practical knowledge, yogic skills and tools for your growth, health and harmony as a woman. Although not limited to, this course has a particular focus on women’s menstrual health. It is helpful for any student, teacher, or teacher-in-training that would like to learn more about the role and tools of yoga specifically for women.

This course is designed as a whole, one class a week over 8 weeks. Each class will be 2 hours and will have a different theme, supported by the information and yoga practice that follows.

Week 1 Women and Yoga
Introducing Women, Yoga & Yoga Therapy.
Week 2 The Breath of Shakti
Women’s bodies breathing, how the breath affects our bodies and mind.
Week 3 Nature’s Rhythms
Honoring nature’s rhythms – inner and outer.
Week 4 Hormone Harmony
How your hormones affect your body’s balance and harmony.
Week 5 Feminine Flows
How prana flows through the body and how this influences our natural cycles as women.
Week 6 Moon Cycles
Women’s menstrual cycles in depth, and different practices to help keep our cycles healthy, regular and free of pain and discomfort.
Week 7 Rest and Relaxation
Introducing rest & relaxation techniques, meditative and yoga nidra practices for women, and their importance.
Week 8 Women’s Wisdom
Learning to explore and honour the innate wisdom of the Divine Feminine within.

Moving with the Autumn into Winter

Autumn 3
The Autumn Season is here and moving through. Crimson red maples dance with the light and wind. Gingko leaves vibrant, look-at-me yellow. Soft, gentle cooler afternoon breezes move into earlier, darker night views. And just like nature our bodies also experience ‘seasons’, are our seasons. There is no separation.

As the leaves start to wither, die and fall, I am reminded of the impermanence of it all, once again. Reaping the last of the summer harvest, and then letting go, shedding my summer skin, preparing for the colder winter ahead.

We have an opportunity to move further with the season here, letting old habits, feelings, beliefs and attachments fall with the leaves. Thus creating fresh space for new inspiration, creativity, wisdom and compassion.

In Yin Yoga and Chinese Medicine the Meridians of Autumn, the lung and large intestine can help us with this process. They are our prime organs of elimination. When these organs are working well, the body can let go of toxins efficiently giving us the chance to slim down, physically, mentally and energetically. What do you want to let go of this season? An old stuck unconscious habit? An unhelpful emotional pattern? A few extra kilos?

With each new breath healthy lungs can inspire and refresh letting go of the old and making way for the new. If our large intestine is healthy and functioning, it helps us to keep what is needed and let go of what is not, as it digests our food, thoughts and emotions. If these processes are not working well we may literally get too full in all aspects. This depletes our energy and leaves us feeling confused, cluttered, heavy and unfocused. So how do we help? How do we harmonize with nature, inner and outer?

As the lungs are extra sensitive during Autumn, due to the cooler, dryer weather, I try to keep warm and well hydrated with warming herbal, lemon and ginger teas. Japanese brewed habu tea is also a favourite at the moment, as well as warmed spiced milk. I also try to massage my feet with warming oils like sesame oil to moisturize and nourish the body externally and internally, counteracting the dryness of the fall air.

To keep my intestine healthy I fill my shopping bags with seasonal fruits, especially apples, kaki (pomegranate), mikan (mandarins), lemons and yuzu. I make lots of warm comforting soups with seasonal grounding root vegetables like pumpkin, carrots, potatoes, parsnips, turnips, onions, gobo (burdock), and all the leafy greens available.

I try to focus on setting good boundaries for rest, meditation and mindful movement. I do a yoga practice that detoxifies (through movement and twists), builds heat to balance the colder weather, grounds (standing poses and hip openers), and relaxes. I go for walks enjoying the fresh air, warming colours, and the feel of the earth grounding me under my feet. As I go about my day I remember I am not separate from nature but a part of it, my own body and mind going through the same process that is happening all around me. Letting go, I move with and release into the beauty of the fall.

Want to learn more? Fall deeper? Come and join one of my yoga classes for the season, or one of my “Seasonal Retreats.” In the retreats we look at Yoga and meditation practices, as well as Ayurveda (Indian Natural Medicine) and Chinese Natural Medicine principles for harmonizing and healing with the seasons. The next retreat is focused on winter. It’s at a beautiful temple in Kyoto on Sunday, December 21st. Please contact me directly if you are interested. Wishing you a lovely spacious Fall.

Healing Hatha

Sunset Moon Bali
What does HATHA mean? And how is it HEALING?
The word Hatha comes from the Sanskrit “ha,” or sun, and “tha” meaning moon.

The Sun (solar) is very yang, active and hot and therefore a representation of a more masculine energy. The moon (lunar) is very yin, a more receptive, cooler feminine energy.

Hatha is talking about the basic principle of unification: uniting opposites or opposing energies into intrinsic wholeness, balance and harmony. Which curiously enough is the origin of the word ‘heal’, literally ‘to make whole’. The word Yoga has also been interpreted as “union”, coming from the sanksrit word “yuj” meaning to yoke or bind.

Therefore a Healing Hatha practice could be described as any practice that brings us into a state of greater balance and harmony. A place where we feel more connected within ourselves, and then as a reflection of that, within the universe as a whole. A practice that helps us to feel and see we are already whole, the feeling of separation or disconnect an illusion.

In my most recent Healing Hatha Retreat we worked with the practices of Yoga, Mantra & Meditation. We also looked at the main principles of Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine in relation to the season. We are not separate from the seasons and the universe but an integral part of them. In learning about the seasons, we are learning about ourselves, and how to create more harmony and balance in our lives, within ourselves, and with each other. We are developing a greater appreciation for nature, the universe, and our place in it.
2014 Summer Yoga Retreat Group Pose2014 Summer Yoga RetreatJPG
What do you think? Do we look a little happier, shinier, more balanced, and harmonious? ☺